5 Fun Holiday Events in Albuquerque


Holiday Events in Albuquerque
The Holidays are upon us and that means it’s time for this year’s Holiday Events in Albuquerque here on the Buzz!

Just because there’s not a lot of snow here in Albuquerque doesn’t mean there’s not lot of Holiday spirit.

Here’s a list of 5 Fun Holiday Events in Albuquerque:


5 Fun Holiday Events in Albuquerque

River of lights
The River of lights takes place at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens. Grab a hot chocolate and stroll through the gardens to view beautiful light sculptures. There is food and drink available, and there may be musicians playing too. For an extra special treat, sign up for Supper with Santa.

The River of Lights opens November 24.

Christmas Lights Bugg Display
The Holiday display that started at the Bugg residence in the northeast heights continues this year at Menaul School. This year’s theme is the 12 Days of Christmas. There will be drinks and entertainment, plus Santa’s workshop will be open, so don’t forget to bring the kids!

The Christmas Lights Bugg Display is open on weekends only starting November 30 weekend nights. View the schedule here.

Twinkle Light Parade
This year, the Twinkle light parade will be held in Nob Hill as part of the Nob Hill Shop and Stroll. The Twinkle Light Parade is one of the most popular Holiday Events in Albuquerque every year. This year you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holidays in the parade and enjoy shopping and fun in Nob Hill too.

The Twinkle light parade happens on Saturday December 1st, one week and two days after Thanksgiving.

Old Town Holiday Stroll
The event kicks off with the lighting off the Christmas tree in Old Town Plaza. After that there is shopping and entertainment. If you buy one of the special lapel pins, you will get special deals and part of the proceeds goes to the American Heart Association.

Old Town Holiday Stroll is on Friday, December 7th, The festivities begin at 5:30pm.

ABQ Ride Luminaria Tour
Let ABQ Ride drive you through Old Town, Albuquerque Country Club and other Holiday hot spots to view Luminaria and other Christmas Decorations.  Buses leave from the convention center, you can purchase tickets online here.

Happy Holidays, I hope you enjoy these 5 Fun Holiday Events in Albuquerque!


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  1. Jessica Livingston says

    This is a terrific article for those of us ABQ newbies. Thanks for giving us the holiday activity lowdown. Maybe we will see you at the stroll…

    • says

      Well it gets somewhat cold here, although nothing like it used to back in Chicago. It’s in the upper 50’s or lower 60s right now, but it does get cold sometimes.

      The desert is a beautiful place to live. It can be warm in the day and much colder at night. I think the temperature differential is wider here.

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