Prepare Your Albuquerque Home For the Real Estate Market


Since a large part of my real estate business is working with Albuquerque home buyers I  wind up showing a lot of homes. Each time I’m out showing buyers around I’m struck with how obvious it is to me and to them which of the home owners have taken the time to prepare their home for the real estate market and which ones haven’t. In fact, it’s not unusual to see everything from houses that look like model homes to houses that look like the crew from “Hoarders” will be pulling up at any minute.

Here are some tips to help you begin preparing your Albuquerque house for the market:

  • Start packing now! If you’ve been in your house for more than two years you’ve probably accumulated a whole bunch of stuff that’s taking up space. Start decluttering now, don’t wait until your home sells to start boxing stuff up because, frankly, if you don’t declutter it won’t ever sell. Home buyers like open, uncluttered spaces!
  • Start cleaning now! Haven’t been down on your hands and knees wiping down your kitchen cabinets lately? Well, go get some knee pads and dig in! Home buyers love houses that are squeaky clean!
  • Paint those brightly colored rooms! Did you paint your children’s bedrooms bright blue, pepto pink and lime green? Run, don’t walk to the nearest Sherwin Williams store and buy neutral color paint. Buyers love neutral colors!
  • Replace the carpet! Well maybe you won’t need to, you can always offer a carpet allowance…Wrong! Carpet allowances are not allowed by most lenders these days. Keep the 3:1 rule in mind: if it takes $5,000 to carpet a house the buyers are going to want to take $15,000 off the price of the house.
  • Get a Pre Listing Home Inspection! All buyers have home inspections done these days, so if there are any repairs that need completing the buyers are going to discover them and they are going to demand they get fixed a certain way. Find out what problems there are now, if any, and have the taken care of. In the long run you will save money.

Sorry if that sounds like a lot of work, but take my word for it, taking time to prepare your home for the market will pay off big time in dollars and in time.


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