On the Tragic Passing of a Colleague


I’ve got a ton of work to do tonight. I should be excited to start writing up the new listing I just took over the phone, but I can’t get myself to do it. That’s because I just learned about the tragic passing of a colleague of mine, Albuquerque real estate agent Seth McNeal.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that Seth and I were the best of friends, but it is fair to say that we knew each other fairly well. That’s because back in 2009 , for a brief period of time, we worked closely together at RE/MAX Elite.

The best I can recall it was February or March of that year that I met Seth. I remember his first day because it was hard not to notice when he was around; he had a massive amount of energy. Shortly after we met Seth and I both started working internet leads for Joe Schumerth. I think Joe had a few of us he was feeding, but I think it was Seth and I who were busting our behinds and getting them closed and who took the lion’s share.

What I remember about Seth was that during those times he was a prospecting machine. His office was around the corner from mine so I’d hear him every time he launched into his favorite telephone greeting: “Hi, this is Seth McNeal with REMAX Elite, your favorite Albuquerque Realtor!!!” I got so sick of hearing that time after time, always so darn upbeat, always so darn peppy. I would sit there at my computer quietly contacting my clients via text and email thinking –dang, if only I was 23 and had that kind of energy!

Every night for a good part of that year we spent the evenings together in the office alone, working late. We closed that place down every night. We worked hard and we worked late and I always tried to stay later than him, even if just for 5 minutes, just to prove to him that I could, even if he was 20 years younger than me.

That was the extent of our relationship. It was very competitive, but it was respectful.

We talked occasionally too, maybe over a Dion’s pizza in the  break room when we didn’t want to take time to get real food, and I would tell him how impressed I was with him, how bright his future was.

Today, when I heard about his passing, I thought “surely it’s just a rumor, it can’t possibly be true.” Unfortunately, I guess it is.

-Dear Seth, for that brief time we worked together, you pushed me. You inspired me. And I am so sorry that you are gone.

Please pray for Seth and his family.


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  1. Angela McGuire-Pike says

    Lovely tribute…what happened? Sounds like it could be self inflicted from your Facebook request…but I couldn’t really tell. So sad to happen to one so young. I will say prayers for his family. Hope you’re feeling better, by the way. Have a great New Year and hopefully see you next week…

  2. says

    I was also supremely sad to hear of Seth’s passing last evening. He truly did have a promising future, and to think he ended it all at the young age of 26 breaks my heart. I hope he has found peace.

  3. Priscilla Williams-Bell says

    I am both saddened and shocked to hear about this! I had never met Seth but we had worked together on many transactions as one of my clients had multiple rentals in the Albuquerque Area. Our business relationship expanded to working together with other clients and we spent more time on the phone discussing deals/marketing strategies than I can remember.

    Thank you for posting this tribute and lord knows you hit his personality dead on!!

    Truly a loss to the Albuquerque Real Estate market.

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