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I’m excited to say that I will be interviewed on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow, Thursday February 2nd by Carra Riley (aka the Cosmic Cow Pie lady).

I’m looking forward to talking about three things that I really love, Albuquerque real estate, blogging and social media. I’m all tingly with geeky excitement.

I love selling Albuquerque Real Estate. I love the people I come across. I love meeting new people, turning them into clients and working with them to achieve their real estate goals. Heck, I even like the other real estate agents. Well ok, most of them. I enjoy the excitement of negotiating a good deal for one of my buyer clients. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping a seller hold firm and get the most that they can for their house in these difficult times for home sellers. Real estate has been a fun and wild ride, and that says something because I have been blessed to lead a pretty exciting life.

However, while I do love selling Albuquerque real estate, those people who know me best and actually spend time with me (I mean not online but in person) know that I rarely speak with more passion and focus then when I’m talking about blogging and social media. When those topics come up, which they almost always do when you’re hanging out with me, I get a far away look in my eyes, my energy level picks up and it’s hard to get me to shut up!

Please spend a few minutes with me on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow morning. It’s not on the radio, it’s on the internet, so you’ll need to use your speakers or headphones to listen in. Here’s the link to the show:




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